It is important to note that some webmasters are concerned about the practices of “link bombing” and “Google bombing” being more prevalent now. Google bombing is a practice that has existed for years. In its early days, it consisted of a community banding together to game a search engine results page (SERP) usually for humorous reasons, but it could be used for financial gain as well. One such example was when Robert Kotick was named CEO of Activision. Because of his unpopularity, Google was “bombed” so that the first image result to show up under Kotick’s name had devil horns and a mustache drawn on his face. This image was also the one that Google displays when delivering search results for prominent people.

Link bombing, a similar practice, can be much more nefarious, as it can be used to essentially destroy a competitor’s website on Google’s SERPs. By setting up link farms and sending hundreds of poor-quality inbound links to a site, it is possible to have that website removed from SERPs for violating Google’s best practices. Since the webmaster of the targeted page would have no idea what was happening until it was too late, it is possible, albeit not too common, to ruin a competitor’s reputation on Google. Google has yet to really find a solution to this other than handling problems on a case-by-case basis. This just serves as a reminder to be extra vigilant when reviewing all backlinks coming into your website. There are plenty of unscrupulous “black hat” search marketers out there that will cheat the system without thinking twice to gain an advantage over your website.

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